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ON SALE whatever statement quilt

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thankyou for your interest in this product, please read all information before purchasing. progress photos of my work can be found on my instagram @apriltwoeightyquilts!

inspiration + d e s i g n :

{ photographed in tucson, AZ }

the Whatever (statement) quilt started its handmade journey in june 2014. pieced from non-designer calicos and solids, i designed it as a very clear statement. at the time, i reached out and asked my friends and followers what they felt were common misconceptions of quilters (by non-quilters). they said that people think all quilters are old women - we know that's not the case; there are so many young quilters, and all genders! that all quilts were traditional in style. that the general public didn't understand just how much work goes into making a quilt. that quilts are not a viable artform like painting or sculpture. // i asked what they felt their limitations are, as quilters. they answered that they didn't feel they had enough time to focus on their projects, that their medical conditions hindered them, or that quilting is too expensive. many replied that they felt they weren't "cool enough" to fit into the current quilting world, that there is an elite group of quilters to rule them all, and that too much stuff is staged to look nice via social media and impossible to compete with.
COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY. the fact that you can put fabric and thread together to make anything at all is impressive. we should be able to feel comfortable making whatever we want, however we want, in whatever time frame we have available, without fear that it isn't "enough". i understand all of these things whole-heartedly in my business: not always having money for supplies, not having as much time as i'd like to get things done or not being able to work faster, not feeling like one of the popular cool kids with 30k followers. we all have our self-perceived downfalls. and this quilt was made to say WHATEVER (or 🖕🏻) to anything that makes us feel inadequate. less than. not good enough. this quilt isn't lady-like, it wasn't made with popular designer trendy fabrics. i was just months from moving across country alone, scared out of my mind and ready to take my work seriously. i finished the quilt top just before packin' up, and it's moved with me a dozen times since then. now is the time that i finally get serious enough to finish it and offer it out into the world - to the next person who is ready to conquer their fears (and shame and doubts). i present it to you now in its finished form.

all of my items are handmade by me, with love, as one-of-a-kind pieces of usable and functional art.

this quilt measures 47x56". it has been machine quilted with a bubble gum pink thread using bamboo batting. it is backed with a vintage polka dot sheet, and finished with an apriltwoeightyquilts tag. handmade binding is machine sewn using a purple solid and peach print.

this quilt is machine washable on cold and may be tumble dried on low. please see the care page on my site at for more info.

s h i p p i n g :

this item is made and ready to ship, and will come to you secured in a US Priority Mail box within the US. international shipping available.