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sage bandana

Image of sage bandana

only 1 left.

this listing is for ONE hand dyed bandana. a small amount of random white has been left for contrast and interest, and the tone variations on each one is so cool (and all unique!!)... these are not ice dyed like my batches last year, instead wholecloth dyed for a slight marbled effect.

these are standard sized 100% cotton bandanas.

these are all very limited, only a few of each color have been made.

the process to make these is time consuming - each one is soaked in soda ash and then the dye sits for 24 hours. once they are rinsed, each goes into the washing machine to get rid of any potential excess dye (the dyes are permanent so you should not see much if any fading once they are washed again). then they air dry, in the 5% humidity/85°+ desert heat. after they're dry, i iron each one; ironing means steaming them with bestpress clear and fragrance-free liquid starch mixed with a tiny bit of rosewater (they remain nearly fragrance free, but i like to add a tiny bit of rosewater for a fresh smell). time consuming but worth the effort!!

they'll come to you ready to wear!

(thank you to my sweet friend yvette for modeling for me!)