E-ZINE ice dyeing tutorial


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please note that this e-zine is designed for beginners - I do not share the colors and exact methods I use, as dyeing fabrics is my job (not teaching). this lesson is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about necessary supplies, the set-up and preparation process, dye info and dyeing tips, and all about post-dyeing care of your fabrics.

if you've been excited to learn how to ice dye fabrics, my e-zine will take you step by step through 20 pages of full color photos and easy to follow detailed instructions. also included are inspirational photos and blurbs to get you started, and keep you motivated on your journey!

this e-zine PDF will be emailed directly to you upon purchase. must be downloaded within 24 hours after email is received. please open/download it on the device you would prefer to read it on to prevent any downloading issues.

please contact me with any questions!

Image of E-ZINE color theory
E-ZINE color theory
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E-ZINE creative self-care + inspiration
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