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desert blossoms quilt

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thankyou for your interest in this product, please read all information before purchasing. progress photos of my work can be found on my instagram @apriltwoeightyquilts!

inspiration + d e s i g n :

{ photographed in saguaro national park, tucson az }

this desert blooms series was inspired by the colors of the desert in spring, once all of the cacti have blossomed with their incredible flowers. fuchsia and yellow and peach and pink and sometimes red on green!... there is so much strength in the flowers surviving only for a short time in the steadily rising heat as the desert approaches summertime. but the beauty is astounding and lush and surprising. that anything could grow, let alone bloom, under such harsh conditions is inspiring on many levels. this series features my hand dyed fabrics in varying pinks and purples, greens and bronze.

note: due to the nature of recycled fabrics being pre-used, and also the nature of hand dyed fabrics - any markings, discoloration, or any other "spots" on these fabrics are to be considered part of the fabric itself. each has been washed before being put into the creations.

the hand dyeing process is lengthy, but humbling (as i love being able to create projects with fabrics dyed with my own hands!). it includes choosing the dye colors, prepping the fabric in soda ash, applying the dye, and finally rinsing, and washing/drying/ironing them before use. this process takes up to 48 hours per piece of fabric. i dye in small batches only, in order to ensure that each fabric created is one of a kind and completely unique. even if i were to use the same dye color, the textures and tones created in each piece can never be 100% recreated.

all of my items are handmade by me, with love, as one-of-a-kind pieces of usable and functional art.

this quilt measures 56x63". it has been machine quilted following the diamond pattern with a coordinating colored thread using 80/20 cotton/poly batting. it is backed with the softest vintage sheet purchased at a thrift shop in joshua tree, and finished with an apriltwoeightyquilts tag. handmade binding is machine sewn using a vintage yellow fabric and small amount of sage green calico.

this quilt is machine washable on cold and may be tumble dried on low. please see the care page on my site at for more info.

s h i p p i n g :

this item is made and ready to ship, and will come to you secured in a US Priority Mail box within the US. so sorry that international shipping is not available currently.